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Straight Down the Middle (2010)
I've been writing songs for nearly 30 years, playing in a few bands, and recording occasionally, but this is the first time I've set out to record an album with a band that plans to stay together and play together. It's been a great time for me, as talented, passionate musicians took hold of my songs and illuminated their potential. I hope the recordings reflect some of the sheer joy we've had in making them. My old friend John Burke, who plays keyboards throughout and some guitar, gets credit for our basic arrangements which are driven by his fiery and rhythmic keyboard parts. Peter Dama had a strong hand in shaping the tunes as well and pushed this project along in countless ways. Joe Pietretti can wail on guitar or play as sweet and pure as country water, and he also knows more about post-production and mixing than the rest of us combined. Tommy Scaraville locks in the rhythms and plays some very tasty drum parts. Daniel Stein, who is somewhat younger than the rest of us and therefore known as "the kid," anchors the whole thing with his resonant and inventive play on upright bass. John Stern is a superb engineer with a great pair of ears, who also stood in on a three tunes on electric bass. Although it is easy to lose sight of in the star-centered music business, recording an album is a collaborative effort in which the singer/songwriter is only one of six or seven essential ingredients. I have been blessed in my collaborators. Hey guys, let's do it again.

John Burke Keyboards, guitars, vocals and catering
Peter Dama Guitars and team spirit
Joe PietrettiLead and rhythm guitars, mandolin and vocals
Tommy ScaravilleDrums and percussion
Daniel Stein Upright bass
John Stern Electric bass on "Rocks," "Paycheck" and "Katie"
Billy WrightVocals and harmonica

Produced John Burke, Peter Dama and Joe Pietretti
Mixed by Joe Pietretti and John Stern
Engineered and Mastered by John Stern
All Songs by Billy Wright
Cover Design by Peter Dama
Cover Photos by Matt Roberts
Tray Card Photo by Jason Torres

Recorded at Dark Magic Productions, Poughkeepsie, NY